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Ketubah History - the marriage contract - was introduced into the Jewish wedding ceremony approximately 2,500 years ago. It was written in Aramaic, the spoken language of the Jews of the time, so that everyone would understand the contract. To this day Aramaic has remained the language of the traditional Ketubah . In the contract, the husband undertakes to honor, support and maintain his wife, and to live with her in affection and amity. He also states what she will receive in the event of divorce or of his death. The ketubah was developed to protect the Jewish wife and to ensure her future. 

 What you Need to Know:

You need to know your name, your father's name, your partner's name, and his father's name. Check the names... We need your Hebrew names and, if you are having an English text, your English names. Traditionally (i.e. with the Orthodox text), a Hebrew name is your name and your father's name. With all other texts, people include their mother's name. To avoid disaster on your wedding day always speak to your Rabbi about which text is acceptable. 

Ketubah Text Samples:

Orthodox: Reform Egalitarian: Conservative with Leiberman Clause

It takes at least 6 weeks for your order to be completed. Orders are processed according to wedding date. Rush orders are also available at extra cost. Calligraphy is a flat fee of $150.

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