Arch of Jerusalem Ketubah by Laya Crust-1

Laya Crust

  • $350.00

Arch of Jerusalem Ketubah by Toronto artist Laya Crust: Only available in Orthodox and Reform Text.

 17” x 24”

Lithograph, limited edition comes in two versions: 

The arch in the center of this Ketubah is inspired by one found in a medieval European Machzor supporting a scene of Jerusalem. Within the arch are inscribed "We will place Jerusalem above our chiefest joys" and " I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." The rolling landscape of Israel is depicted in the background, from Mount Hermon, the Galil and the Golan in the north, down to the Arava and the Strait of Aqaba in the south. The sky depicts the passage of time - moving from sunrise and daylight to sunset and night. The tree within the arch represents the cycle of life as depicted by the four seasons.

 It takes at least 6 weeks for your order to be completed. Orders are processed according to wedding date. Rush orders are also available at extra cost. Calligraphy is a flat fee of $150 

What you Need to Know:

You need to know your name, your father's name, your partner's name, and his father's name. Check the names... We need your Hebrew names and, if you are having an English text, your English names. Traditionally (i.e. with the Orthodox text), a Hebrew name is your name and your father's name. With all other texts, people include their mother's name. And always speak to your Rabbi about which text is acceptable.

Ketubah Text Samples:

Orthodox: Reform Egalitarian: Conservative with Leiberman Clause


Personalization Info: Please complete the Ketubah order form and submit. Please download the Calligraphy Order Form  and have your rabbi complete.


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